The South African Road Pavements Forum (RPF)

The Road Pavement Forum (RPF), a forum for sharing and debating road-related matters relevant to the South African roads industry, was established in August 2000.

RPF objectives include:

  • Providing a perspective of overarching strategic issues as it affects pavement engineering;
  • Promoting best practice;
  • Co-ordination and linkage with other groupings;
  • Establishment of task groups with specific national objectives;
  • Provision of sufficient time for participation/discussion/advice and for social interactions;
  • Dissemination of new technologies;
  • Provision of a forum for acceptance of technological changes; and
  • Provision of a forum for interaction between theory and practice and for identification of technology development needs.

The RPF makes provision for wider representation and participation from the broader roads industry, particularly urban and provincial authorities, tertiary institutions and contractors. It also allows for broader regional representation. South Africa can play an important facilitating role as a catalyst for technology transfer in the southern African region, and the RPF could become a vital part in this process.

For more information, please contact the current sponsors of the RPF:

Letisha van de Berg
Tel: +27 11 791 3327
E-mail: letisha@aspasa.co.za
Website Address: www.aspasa.co.za

Bryan Perrie
Cement & Concrete SA
Tel: +27 11 315 0300
E-mail: bryan.perrie@cemcon-sa.org.za
Website Address: www.cemcon-sa.org.za

Christian Mulol
Tel: +27 12 841 4499
Fax: +27 12 841 2690
E-mail: cmulol@csir.co.za
Website Address: www.csir.co.za

Phil Hendricks
Tel: +27 21 531 2718
E-mail: philhendricks@sabita.co.za
Website Address: www.sabita.co.za

Basil Jonsson
Tel: +27 11 394 5634
Fax: +27 11 394 7934
E-mail: operations@sarf.org.za
Website Address: www.sarf.co.za

Krishna Naidoo
Society for Asphalt Technology (SAT)
Tel: +27 11 423 1004
Email: Naidookr@nra.co.za
Website: www.socsat.co.za

Vishaal Lutchman
SA Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE)
Tel: 011 805 5947
Email: vishaal@saice.org.za
Website: www.saice.org.za